Daughter Takes Retired Mother’s Place At Dental Practice

Daughter Takes Retired Mother’s Place At Dental Practice Dr. Erin O’ Grodnick, DMD, the daughter of recently retired Dr. Sallyanne Bonner, has taken her mother’s place in our practice. “It is very special to carry on my mother’s work. Being a female dentist in a practice my mother started in 1978 continues a very unique tradition. It is a source of tremendous personal and professional pride to be entrusted to now care for her patients. I am lucky to have Dr. Schaible to work with as my partner as we continue to provide high quality and personalized dental care,” said Dr. O’Grodnick. Practicing at Bonner & Schaible since 2010, Dr. O’Grodnick provides restorative care for patients of all ages

Sleep Apnea: A Condition Found In All Age Groups

Sleep Apnea: A Condition Found In All Age Groups Sleep apnea is a common condition and occurs when the upper airway becomes obstructed when a child or adult sleeps. This obstruction partially or completely blocks the flow of air and oxygen and breathing stops momentarily. This disruption of breathing typically happens several times a night to several times an hour depending on the severity of the sleep apnea. Patients with undiagnosed and untreated sleep apnea typically feel exhausted all day. As a result, there is a loss in quality of life due to the inability to concentrate, lack of energy for daily tasks, and difficulty in learning new skills. Sleep apnea can affect patients in a number o

#bsodrocks 2018

#bsodrocks 2018 Encouragement, inspiration, and kindness are some of the best things to experience in life. We are continuing our Kindness Rocks project. Here are some of the rocks from this year so far. Stop in and make some even if you don't have an appointment! As more rocks are created, we will post them here, so check back soon!

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