STEM cell/bone marrow donation registry at Schaible & O'Grodnick

Swab Your Cheeks & Save a Life Thousands of people with certain cancers and blood diseases need stem cell or bone marrow transplants in order to survive, and are hoping to find a suitable donor. The rate of successful donor-patient matches can be greatly improved by adding potential donors to the national registry. Our office has been active in expanding the registry. By partnering with DKMS, a non-profit bone marrow donor registry (, we have added over 100 potential donors over the past 5 years--and we are seeking to continue that work. Registering is fast, simple, and painless. We will assist you in the process which requires a simple swabbing of your cheeks and the completion of

Retainers: Not Just For Teens

Retainers: Not Just For Teens Anymore Teeth are always moving. This is a good thing and why braces work: by moving each tooth via its attached ligament in order to achieve better alignment. A retainer is necessary to keep the final alignment result produced by orthodontic care. This means that a person should wear their retainers for at least 30 years after their braces are removed. While this sounds like a long time and a bit of effort, good habits make this pretty easy. A retainer that fits properly is inserted rather quickly. Overall, retainers help keep the alignment of the teeth, ensuring a good bite. Having proper alignment for a good bite avoids the possibility of any teeth rubbing ag

Dentures Need Attention Too

Dentures Need Attention Too Your dentures work hard for you! Don't forget to come to the dentist to have us check that your dentures fit properly, examine your gums, and perform a quick oral cancer screening. This applies to you even if you have only partial dentures. Just like all hard working things need a break, your mouth needs a break from your dentures. Take partial or full dentures out at night--or at least for four hours each day. This break from the dentures keeps the lining of your mouth healthy. Bacteria stick to your partial or full dentures just like they stick to teeth. Remember to clean dentures on a daily basis with cleaners made specifically for dentures (not toothpaste.) No

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