New Filling...New Feelings?

Sometimes, a tooth feels sensitive after being treated for a cavity. A patient might feel some minor discomfort or tooth sensitivity. These feelings may last a few days or even a few weeks before completely going away. A tooth can become temporarily sensitive after a filling due to the nature of the work, especially if the filling is large. A sensitive tooth will be agitated by common things and produce a quick feeling of a shock of coldness or a sudden pain that quickly dissipates. Factors that cause this include: icy drinks or frozen desserts hot drinks such as coffee, tea or cocoa acidic drinks including juice or sodas sugary foods biting down while eating air hitting the tooth while brea

Dr. O'Grodnick Attends In Depth Course

Dr. O'Grodnick Attends Advanced Tooth Restoration Course As part of her required continuing education hours, Dr. O'Grodnick recently attended a an advanced tooth restoration course at The Pankey Institute in Biscayne, Florida. The in depth course focused on the restoration of worn down teeth from significant bruxism (grinding of teeth) and/or acid erosion from acid reflux. Dr. O'Grodnick says, "The Essentials 3 course at The Pankey Institute was an incredible experience that involved in depth learning, advanced training, and inspiration in order to help me better serve my patients."

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