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Dental FAQs

The mouth is a complicated place! Here is a list of common questions or concerns. Please never hesitate to contact us if you are in discomfort or pain: 908.236.9650. And remember, no question is too embarrassing for us to answer—we are here to help you!

I seem to have bad breath or halitosis…
There are several causes for bad breath ranging from oral hygiene habits (or lack thereof), time of day (morning), dietary habits or choices, etc. If you do not notice an immediate improvement using the information in our blog article, contact us right away for an appointment—we want you to feel comfortable communicating with your loved ones and peers.

I have a toothache…
A toothache can possibly be due to a cavity or be the result of an injury to the head, face, or even the neck. Please contact us so we may treat your pain and evaluate your tooth.

I seem to have headaches frequently…
Headaches are a tricky symptom. Consider a list of common causes: stress, dehydration, iron deficiency, TMJ issues, bruxism, or clenching. We will take a careful look and discuss further at your next visit. If headaches are a persistent problem, consider coming in sooner so we may take a look

I can’t remember when I had my last dental checkup or professional cleaning…
Please call our office, we’re always delighted to hear from our patients. 

My child knocked out a tooth while playing…
Please contact us immediately in the case of an injury. If the office is closed, please consult the emergency phone number we provide on our outgoing message. To prevent tooth loss due to trauma, children (and adults!) should wear protective mouth guards when playing sports. Here is how to properly handle and transport a missing tooth:

  • Try to see your dentist within one hour for the best chance of the tooth surviving the trauma.

  • Avoid touching the root (the pointed part) when handling the tooth. Touching the root can damage cells needed for reattachment.

  • It is important to keep the tooth moist. Place the clean tooth in your mouth between the gum and cheek. If this is not possible, wrap in clean gauze or cloth and place in either: Hank’s Balanced Salt Solution (HBSS), a glass of milk or saline (contact lense) solution.


Additionally, the patient should be seen to be sure there are no remaining pieces of tooth. Please note that a baby tooth in this situation would not need reattachment due to permanent teeth arriving in the future.

The above list is just a small sample of common questions. Again, never hesitate to contact us. Our number is 908.236.9650.

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