We look forward to working with you! We pride ourselves in providing comprehensive and gentle care for all our patients. Open lines of communication with our patients and a higher standard of professional care are the cornerstones of our practice.


At your initial visit, we focus on taking the time to get to know you. First, you will have the opportunity to meet with your dentist—  Dr. Sallyanne Bonner, Dr. Vincent Schaible, or Dr. Erin O’Grodnick. Before we examine your teeth, we want to understand any of your concerns, your medical and dental history, and even basic habits or activities. Please feel free to request one of our dentists based on their bio here on our web site or a current patient’s recommendation. Typically, the dentist you see at the first examination is the practitioner you will see in the future.


Next, you will proceed to your dental exam. We provide an oral cancer check, a periodontal evaluation (a detailed examination of the gums), and the traditional examination of the teeth and the jaw joints (TMJ). If there is anything we would like to show or discuss with you, we will utilize our intraoral camera, which projects the topic at hand directly onto a computer monitor.


After your exam, and often at a separate appointment, you will have your teeth professionally cleaned by one of our dental hygienists. Since your dentist will have already examined your teeth, they will direct the hygienist in order to achieve a truly customized cleaning of your teeth. We are proud of our highly qualified and experienced hygienists—many of whom have been with our practice for several years.

For New Patients
Youngsters and Adolescents

We enjoy serving the entire family. Our young patients are very important to us. In addition to checking and professionally cleaning the teeth, this is a prime opportunity to reinforce good dental and dietary habits, particularly since youngsters and teenagers take care of their own teeth and often make their own food and drink choices.

When it is a child or teenager’s first visit, they meet with the hygienist first. When they are comfortable with their surroundings, they will receive a gentle evaluation by either Dr. Bonner, Dr. Schaible, or Dr. O’Grodnick. 

Financial Matters

High quality dentistry can be affordable. At our office, we handle working with insurance companies in a different way. Simply put, in order to have the independence to provide customized care, we are not listed with individual insurance carriers, however we will process and bill any carrier for payment on behalf of our patients.

Our office provides the service of dealing directly, on your behalf, with dental insurance companies. We endeavor to help all patients receive the maximum benefits they are entitled to under their insurance plans. Please always keep us updated on your plan and any changes in coverage. If you do not have dental insurance, please relay that information and we will work with you directly.