Gallery of Cosmetic Dentistry

Welcome to our Gallery of Cosmetic Dentistry, all work displayed is the work of either Dr. Vincent Schaible or Dr. Erin O'Grodnick. We have added before/after photos of our work with veneers, bonding, and KöR (our offering for professional teeth whitening.)

Patient A

A teenager at the time of treatment, this patient wanted to enhance her smile. While her teeth were straight, as seen in the before photo, the patient wished less spacing between the teeth. We were able to achieve this dazzling smile with veneers.

Patient B

While chipped front teeth are a common sports injury, sometimes this occurs during basic recreational play. Nevertheless, we were able to fix his smile with bonding and returned the teeth to their prior appearance.

Patient C

After several years, this patient's diet stained her composite work. We were able to restore her natural smile with veneers.

Patient D

This patient desired a brighter smile.  At our office, we use, KöR,  widely seen as the best whitening system in the world.  We are very pleased with this beautiful result.

Patient E

In order to achieve a more even appearance for the most promient upper and bottom teeth and to correct her bite, this patient's smile is a result of both Invisalign® and bonding.

Patient F

In his 40s, this patient wished for more evenness in the appearance of his teeth. We bonded his teeth for this impressive result.

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