All About Halitosis

All About Halitosis

Halitosis is chronic bad breath and affects as many as 80 million people. In most cases, the odor originates from the tongue and gums. Specifically, the odor comes from wastes generated by the 600 types of naturally-occurring bacteria found in the average human mouth, decaying food particles, other debris in the mouth, and poor oral hygiene. Other sources include: gum disease, Xerostomia (dry mouth), tobacco, infected post nasal drip, a medical infection, changing hormone levels, stress, calcified matter in the tonsils, and diabetes. Less common causes include kidney failure or a liver malfunction.

Good oral hygiene is paramount: in addition to brushing your teeth, clean your tongue using a tongue scraper (tool found in most pharmacy and grocery stores) or your toothbrush. And as always, don't forget to floss.

Additionally, saliva keeps bacteria under control. "Healthy salivary flow is essential to preventing dry mouth and the overgrowth of bacteria responsible for bad breath," states Dr. Schaible. Drink water throughout the day and even chew sugarless gum to help produce saliva.

Please see us if this is an issue for you as we want you to feel comfortable communicating with loved ones and peers.

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