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As a teen, I had braces, which gave me a beautiful smile. Of course, after time, I stopped wearing retainers and my teeth gradually shifted and crowded and colored with age. To be honest, I didn’t even notice it was happening until I saw a noticeable overlapping of my teeth and my youngest child told me my teeth were “yellow.” I was hoping for a quick fix, but unfortunately, I had a 20+ year old bridge (that replaced one of my front teeth) and veneer and bleaching would not be able to remedy the situation.

Dr. O’Grodnick took pictures and molds of my teeth. During my consultation, I realized my teeth had shifted much worse than I thought and my back teeth were not aligned. I decided to use Invisalign® to straighten my teeth and restore my bite and straight smile. However, my case was complicated by the bridge and veneer. I did not want to remove the bridge and be toothless during the process.

After careful consideration, Dr. O’Grodnick suggested that we keep the bridge in place so I wouldn’t be without a tooth, but cut one side of its attachment to allow movement with the Invisalign®. Everything worked out beautifully—the Invisalign® fixed my bite and straightened my teeth. A new bridge and veneers were put in place and I couldn’t be happier!

Dr. O’Grodnick was attentive to my situation and paid meticulous attention to details throughout the entire process. She was kind and considerate and consistently looked out for my needs. In fact, the entire office staff was top notch—especially Johanna, her dental assistant, who always was prepared and made sure I was comfortable. I am so happy I made the decision to proceed with the Invisalign® and new bridge. Most of all I was happy with the level of attention and care I received from Dr. O’Grodnick, Johanna, and the rest of the staff. I highly recommend them!

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