GUMS 101: Swelling

GUMS 101: Gum Swelling

Gum swelling is a term for the inflammation of the gum tissue. If swollen, your gum tissue may appear puffy and red, and may even bleed when you brush. Some common causes include:

1. Flossing after a long time: If you have not flossed for a long time, your gums will not be accustomed to the movement of the floss and may react by swelling. If this temporary swelling does not go away in a few days, please give us a call.

2. Certain medications: There are a few types of medications that can cause gum swelling. These include some blood pressure medicines, chemotherapy medicines, and some anti-seizure medications. Please always take your medication but consult with us or your prescribing physician if this a concern.

3. A change in oral care products: Your gums can swell as a reaction to an ingredient in a new oral care product. If this occurs, please discontinue use immediately. If the swelling persists, please call us.

4. Lack of Vitamin C: It can be challenging to eat enough fruits and vegetables on a busy day but try harder to consume more vitamin C as healthy gums need this vital nutrient. Without sufficient vitamin C, your gums may be vunerable to our next and most concerning culprit of swollen gums: gum disease.

5. Gum Disease: This is more common than one would think. When gum disease is present, bacteria from plaque can get beneath your gumline and begin irritating the gum tissue. This is when swelling occurs and without treatment, infections underneath the gum can occur. Effects of infection include: bad breath, bleeding gum tissue, and even tooth loss.

Do you have any concerns? Please contact us at 908.236.9650.

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