Attention All Lovers of Cheese

Great News for Cheese Lovers

A varied diet is beneficial for both the teeth and tissues of the mouth. Many foods provide a boost of nutrition that helps strengthen your teeth while others help you produce saliva to help maintain your mouth. Here is a list of friendly foods:


Cheese helps the mouth produce saliva and helps to restore minerals lost as a result of eating other foods. It is excellent for bone health because it is full of vitamins, calcium, protein, and fat.


The good bacteria in yogurt counteracts the harmful bacteria that cause cavities. Due to high amounts of protein and calcium, it helps prevents tooth decay by helping to maintain the strength of enamel. Eat yogurt to help fight bad breath, too.


Apples are high in water and fiber and help produce saliva. Saliva is important to remove leftover food particles and harmful bacteria.

Leafy greens:

Spinach and kale are excellent examples of leafy greens that are good for oral health. High in folic acid and calcium, as well as other vitamins and minerals, they are perfect to help maintain strong teeth.


Rich in protein and calcium while being low in sugar, almonds are a powerhouse of nutrition for a healthy mouth. They are a great accompaniment to salads and Asian dinner entrees. Add a little butter and some sliced almonds to your green beans for a side dish with flair.

In addition to helping the rest of your body maintain good health, excellent nutrition helps the teeth and mouth as well.

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