Protect Your Teeth From The Impact of Bruxism (Grinding Teeth)

Most of the time, people grind their teeth while asleep.

Protect Your Teeth From the Impact of Bruxism

Bruxism is a condition where a person grinds their teeth. This habit typically happens when a person is asleep and most people are unaware. Others can grind their teeth when fully awake but under stress. Some patients grind their teeth in both scenarios.

Long term grinding of teeth will have ramifications on the comfort and health of a patient's teeth and gums and therefore is something that needs to be addressed. Any dentist can immediately note this habit when they glance at your teeth. Telltale signs include: worn down teeth that are even and have become shorter as a result; damage to fillings and crowns; gum damage; and tooth sensitivity. Patient complaints of chronic headaches, pain in the joints of the jaw (TMJ pain); pain when chewing or drinking due to the wearing down of enamel are also indicators of this condition.

In order to protect the teeth and gums from possible negative impacts, we recommend a custom-fitted nightguard to function as a barrier between the grinding teeth. At a separate appointment, an impression is made of your mouth, a nightguard is produced to reflect that impression, and when it has arrived, patients come in for a quick double-check of the fit. Most patients report a higher quality of sleep as a result and we can see the protection the nightguard provides.

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