Dentures Need Attention Too

Dentures Need Attention Too

Your dentures work hard for you! Don't forget to come to the dentist to have us check that your dentures fit properly, examine your gums, and perform a quick oral cancer screening. This applies to you even if you have only partial dentures.

Just like all hard working things need a break, your mouth needs a break from your dentures. Take partial or full dentures out at night--or at least for four hours each day. This break from the dentures keeps the lining of your mouth healthy.

Bacteria stick to your partial or full dentures just like they stick to teeth. Remember to clean dentures on a daily basis with cleaners made specifically for dentures (not toothpaste.) Note that toothpaste or other household cleansers are generally too abrasive and can damage your expensive dentures.

Retirement is surprisingly busy. While it may have been years since you have had a cavity, please don't forget to brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and of course, floss your teeth once a day. If arthritis is an issue for you, electric toothbrushes and pre-threaded flossers make the job easier. Also, many prescription medicines have a common side effect: dry mouth, which increases your risk for cavities.

Don't forget to visit us for your routine checkup to prevent any issues--and because we genuinely like you.

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