Retainers: Not Just For Teens

Retainers: Not Just For Teens Anymore

Teeth are always moving. This is a good thing and why braces work: by moving each tooth via its attached ligament in order to achieve better alignment. A retainer is necessary to keep the final alignment result produced by orthodontic care. This means that a person should wear their retainers for at least 30 years after their braces are removed.

While this sounds like a long time and a bit of effort, good habits make this pretty easy. A retainer that fits properly is inserted rather quickly. Overall, retainers help keep the alignment of the teeth, ensuring a good bite. Having proper alignment for a good bite avoids the possibility of any teeth rubbing against each other and becoming dull and/or weaker. Having proper alignment prevents all sorts of headaches--literally and figuratively.

At your next appointment, please bring your retainer. We can check that it fits properly, make any adjustments that could be necessary, and clean it for you. If your retainer is broken, we can make you a new custom retainer to suit your needs. Contact us with any retainer issues at 908.236.9650.

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