STEM cell/bone marrow donation registry at Schaible & O'Grodnick

Swab Your Cheeks & Save a Life

Thousands of people with certain cancers and blood diseases need stem cell or bone marrow transplants in order to survive, and are hoping to find a suitable donor. The rate of successful donor-patient matches can be greatly improved by adding potential donors to the national registry.

Our office has been active in expanding the registry. By partnering with DKMS, a non-profit bone marrow donor registry (, we have added over 100 potential donors over the past 5 years--and we are seeking to continue that work.

Registering is fast, simple, and painless. We will assist you in the process which requires a simple swabbing of your cheeks and the completion of a registration form.

If you are between the ages of 18-55 and would like to take part in this program, or if you have any questions, call our office at 908.236.9650. Please consider participating during your next visit. You could be the key to saving a life!

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