New Advanced Technology at Our Office

Advanced Dental Technology to Enhance Our Offerings

We are pleased to announce our new advanced dental technology: the iTero Element 5D. Efficient and painless, this amazing piece of equipment provides superior diagnostic abilities as it digitally scans a patient's mouth, simultaneously recording in 3D, intraoral color, and NIRI (near-infrared imaging).

The variety of views available in just one scan saves both patient and staff time because it allows our dentists to immediately see what would normally involve various impressions. We use the scans to examine and study alignment, tooth wear, occlusion (a person's bite), and cavities that are just beginning to form. "We are so pleased with this wonderful tool. Replacing most impressions with scans is wonderful as the scans are even more accurate and predictable. The scans can also be used for procedures such as Invisalign®, crowns, bridges, and implants. The iTero 5D saves everyone time because we email the scans directly to the lab rather than shipping them," says Dr. O'Grodnick. "Plus, no more messy, gooey impressions!"

In addition to the above efficiencies, the iTero 5D can help patients to "see" into the future by illustrating changes to the appearance of a patient's smile due to proposed cosmetic or restorative dentistry. Invisalign® patients can watch the projection, progression, and success of their teeth-straightening experience. Lastly, with the NIRI function, we use the iTero as another screening tool for cavities, which is helpful for people who cannot have X-rays, such as pregnant women. We are excited with our new advanced technology. Ask about it at your next appointment!

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